On Saturday, September 30th, 2017, Pearls Africa Foundation hosted the book reading of Mrs Doyin Olorunfemi’s book ‘A letter to my Daughters – Be the Best You’. The event was an auspicious one as Mrs Olorunfemi had travelled from the United Kingdom especially to discuss her book and take questions from an eager audience. 
Questions were taken from the floor where various concerns were raised based on the challenges faced by the girls present, bordering on gender discrimination and how to handle cases of sexual harassment in their schools. The session was very interactive as some of the 73 girls in attendance got to share the affirmative notes they had written about themselves with the rest of the audience.
We observed that the girls were not free to express themselves till the men in the audience were excused. Questions were answered by Mrs Doyin Olorunfemi, Mrs Abisoye Ajayi and other women leaders present at the event.