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…equality and prosperity through code.

Our Story
The world has changed! The social walls of deprivation have been pulled down by digital technologies.
GirlsCoding is the Calvary matching into the slums, orphanages and other underserved communities to bring young girls into these new realities.
70% of Nigerians live under a dollar a day, we believe we can bridge that poverty gap, by giving each girl a functional I.T skill.
We have enlisted the support of small tech companies, NGOs doing similar work and interested individuals to give girls from the most impoverished communities a chance at changing their destiny.
GirlsCoding is an intense program for young girls, age range; 10-17 years, living in underserved communities in Nigeria; to train them in computer skills, robotics, programing using HTML and Java, connect them to female mentors and then connect them to Tech companies on internship.
GirlsCoding make use of brain tasking puzzles from and coderdojo to get our girls started and interested in the program.

Our Project

A flagship project of the organization that empowers underserved and underrepresented girls (age 7 – 17) with tech skills in computer programming. It is a hands-on learning program building digital literacy skills, especially coding and analytical skills in young girls. Courses covered include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. Trainings take place every working day after school and Saturdays during the school terms and daily during vacations.

It’s important for young girls to know how to be creative with technology and not just be delegated to being just users and consumers of it forever.
As a result, we believe every young girl deserves to be tech-savvy. We believe that through the series of technology training, computer programming, mentoring and internship opportunities with Technology startups offered at GirlsCoding, vulnerable young girls will have a voice and be economically empowered to break from the norm of their community.

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