The Ladies at work

Lady labs is a space for girls from the poorest communities to get a functional I.T skill

A space for ladies studying computer science in tertiary institutions to gain practical experience; and a co-working space for female tech founders.




Moyinoluwa Adenuga

“My name is Moyinoluwa Adenuga, a graduate of the LadiesAtwork training held from September - December, 2020.
The ladies at work training was the start of my tech career. After the training, I have improved my skills by participating in: DevPlacement Internship, Dufuna Frontend Development Training, Enyata Academy and working on Real-life Project!״

Oluwadunsin Olajide

I joined the other scholars to learn web development in 2020 through a platform organized by Pearls Africa in conjunction with the US consulate called "Ladies at work".
Prior to that time, I had tried to learn programming language in 2015 but I stopped because I thought it was too difficult to understand, in fact I literally said in my head that "it is not for me". I took up the challenge to learn when I saw the advert on a brother's status. I applied for the programme and I got in. I wouldn't say that it has been easy but it has been a very interesting journey for me. Now I know that I can do all things. I'm learning SOL for data science at the moment. I must say that the foundation laid for me in Pearls Africa has been of great help. Thank you Pearls Africa

Temiloluwa Ayo

Social skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership, enable girls to build relationships, work effectively with others, and advocate for themselves, are crucial
for young girls to succeed and reach their full potential. When combined with technology skills, girls in underserved communities have the tools they need to succeed and overcome barriers, helping to break the cycle of poverty and inequality. By investing in their education and development, we can create a brighter future for girls, their communities, and the world.

Oluwatomi Atansuyi

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have learned react native through Ladies@work.
It gave me an option to work full time as a mobile developer. Thank you. Sincerely yours,